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Baritarian Boy has been Updated! A day late, for which I apologize. We were getting married.

xxx etc
Lawrence and Fyodor

Fanart Contest #1! The Results!
Thank you to all the entries, we enjoyed each and every one of them, anxiously checking our mail like christmas morning! We had a bit of a tiff over who the winners were, so we picked three instead of two.

Winner of the Golden Partridge - Virginie Pithon.. because not only is it beautiful and detailed, but it also references King Ludwig II's grotto boat! Valliet I definitely has a bit of Ludwig II inspiration, so we were impressed!

Winner of the Silver Quail Egg - Sebastian Grey.. with his photo reenactment of a long night in the life of Valliet III. Just the sort of spirits he would choose! And a wonderfully creative solution to doing fanart when you are not necessarily an illustrator.

WInner of the Bronze Frolicking Chinchilla - Callan Molinari.. with an incredibly expressive doodle of Einrich the Unwilling. This had to be a winner just because it made us laugh so much. Loaf of Bread!!!! So great!

Others behind cut, including an absolutely stunning illustration from acclaimed comic bookist Lucy Knisley..Collapse )

Prizes: List here your requests! Detailed ones for the top 3, doodles for the rest!
Thank you again for all your entries.. we will definitely have other contests in the future. See you on Monday!

Baritarian Boy has been updated! Enjoy the next page of Fyodor's chapter!

The Contest:
I have gotten some awesome entries for the contest which ends tomorrow at midnight (24 hours to go!!) but there is still time to enter! So please do. You win art just for entering! And I would love to see what you guys come up with. It makes me soooo happy.


Baritarian Boy has updated twice this week!

Please enjoy, hell yes! Start of new chapter - trading off now to Mr. Pavlov.


Computer is back and working better than ever!

Baritarian Boy has updated properly, with a real comic page!

Hooray for my computer being fixed! It takes me much less time to do a comic now that my keyboard works properly again.. You try writing a story about Valliet when your V key doesn't type!

Keep an eye out.. there will be a regular Monday update this week as well!

An Illustrated Overview Baritarian Folk Dress and Custom
Baritarian Folkwear
is the subject of this week's pinups (this time one by myself, and one by Fyodor).
Unfortunately, I was not able to post a comic this week due to my art computer being in the shops having a defect fixed. It will be back by next week, I hope!

Don't forget about winning some art in the contest!


Update - Pinup #2 - Havel! aaaand a Contest!
It had been a while since we had a pinup... so I did our friendly modern main character, Havel.

Check him out!"

Because of the way the family trees ended up, the "present day" part seems to be more like 10 years ago. It doesn't matter much, as Baritaria is rather behind the times anyway.
ok. Now....

Contest Rules!

Create a piece of fan art from Baritarian Boy. This can be drawn in any style or technique, or even be non-traditional, like photography or origami or um... pizza.. art..?

• Each and every entry will get a web-doodle of your choice (meaning you provide us with a subject and we'll doodle it and post it on this journal for your delight)
• Two Grand Prizes (one for best art, one for best concept/originality) will be a full-color art piece of your choice. One by myself, one by Fyodor.

Entries must be emailed to royalbaritarianplayers at gmail dot com by August 10th. That is a little less than a month.
Please include a name I can credit you with, and make sure it's ok that I post it on here for everyone to see!

Holy crap that's a lot of prizes!!
Other contests to come, once there is a bit more comic.. with the prize of being in the comic itself!

xxx can't wait to see what you guys do!

Chapter 3, page 6!


Enjoy the blueness!

(does above statement make me a blue meanie?)

I'm going to think up prizes and challenge for a fanart contest for next week. Perhaps it should be a simple one this time, since there is only so much of the comic so far.. like, just draw someone or something from the comic. But I also think it would be fun to do a challenge where you make up a character, king, or folklore creature and our favourite one gets a cameo in the comic.

Can you tell I'm all about audience participation lately?

Anyway.. lend me your thoughts about what sort of fanart/fanartifact/fanknittedcap contest you'd like to see, if you have an opinion.

HRH Lawrence

This one took a while, but worth it, I hope! Enjoy it!


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