My land's only borders...

lie around my heart

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tzarohell wrote in baritaria
Baritarian Boy has updated. Enjoy the technicolor!

And just a reminder... the fanart contest prizes are halfway done! Expect them to be posted soon. And those of you who have not told me what you want.. shame on you! Am I not allowed to give you something in return??

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Very lovely ... I especially love the masks!!

I love that you're doing the biographical movie and the actual history in parallel like that, it's lovely.

Also, very excited to hear about the fanart contest prizes. ^^

I'm glad you got it! I'm still not sure whether its clear enough... maybe as the pages go on.

Well, I think the little captions at the bottom made it pretty clear. ^^ And haha to all the wonderful little discrepancies between real life and exquisitely-crafted biographical movies.

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