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tzarohell wrote in baritaria
Sorry for the skipped week.. we're back!

Baritarian Boy - Chapter 5 Page 3

I'm going to put a crapload of exposition in this chapter because I realized it is quite confusing, with all the historical jumping around. So hopefully that will help.

Enjoy the technicolor!

L + F

P.S. Some of the fanart rewards at last! More soon.

Lady Dandy

Japanese Flapper

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Aww. I want to give Valliet a hug. Also I love how flowy Miss Japanese Flapper's dress is.

the contrast between the glossy biopic and reality is really interesting- the gulf between what happens and what gets told- and the full colour vs monochrome is a clever way to show that. neat!

thanks very much! That is exactly what I'm going for here.

I love the lady dandy, thank you!

Valliet's pensive face in the last panel is so bittersweet. He has lovely, expressive lips.

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