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My land's only borders...

lie around my heart

Stendhastadt, Baritaria
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A discussion and critique area for the web comic Baritarian Boy. Maintained by the artists.
A place for readers of Baritarian Boy - A Comic Exploring the History and Culture of Baritaria to interact with the writers/artists and share feedback for this developing comic.

A place for the Laurel Crowned King of Baritaria and the Steadfast High Chancellor to put their great minds, wills, talents, hands and other appendages and qualities together to bring entertainment, joy and amelioration to you, our devoted and beloved subjects, and the greater world.

Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, Baritaria is a beautiful land, and this private nook in the Royal Residence of its capital city of Stendhalstadt is a place to please the senses. Do be warned, however, that tzarohell and odin_za_vseh spare no one and nothing in their pursuit of beauty, knowledge and pleasure. And so, enter at your own risk.